Crustose, placodioid and leprose lichens found in Ireland: P-Q

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Crustose lichens form thick or thin crusts that are firmly attached and cannot be removed without part of the substratum. Placodioid lichens are crustose but lobed at the margins and leprose lichens have a powdery appearance. Please click on the images to see details and larger photographs. Glossary (opens in new window).

Gyalecta carneola, Pachyphiale carneola Parabagliettoa dufourii Parabagliettoa dufourii Lepra albescens, Pertusaria albescens Lepra albescens var corallina, Pertusaria albescens var corallina Lepra amara, Pertusaria amara Lepra aspergilla, Pertusaria aspergilla Pertusaria coccodes Pertusaria coccodes Lepra corallina, Pertusaria corallina Pertusaria flavicans Pertusaria flavicans Varicellaria hemisphaerica, Pertusaria hemisphaerica Pertusaria hymenea Pertusaria hymenea Pertusaria lactea Pertusaria lactea Pertusaria leioplaca Pertusaria leioplaca Lepra multipuncta, Pertusaria multipuncta Pertusaria pertusa Pertusaria pertusa Pertusaria pertusa Pertusaria pseudocorallina Pertusaria pseudocorallina Petractis clausa Petractis clausa Phacothecium varium, Opegrapha physciaria Phaeographis dentritica Phaeographis inusta Phaeographis smithii Phlyctis agelaea Phlyctis agelaea Phlyctis argena Phlyctis argena Placopsis lambii Placopsis lambii Placopyrenium fuscellum, Verrucaria fuscella Placynthiella icmalea Placynthium nigrum Placynthium subradiatum Polycauliona phlogina, Caloplaca phlogina Polycauliona verruculifera, Caloplaca verruculifera Porina aenea Porina aenea Porina borreri Porina chlorotica Porina chlorotica Porina coralloidea Porina hibernica Porpidia cinereoatra Porpidia cinereoatra Porpidia crustulata Porpidia hydrophila Porpidia hydrophila Porpidia macrocarpa Porpidia macrocarpa Porpidia platycarpoides Porpidia soredizodes Porpidia soredizodes Porpidia tuberculosa Porpidia tuberculosa Protoblastenia calva Protoblastenia incrustans Protoblastenia rupestris Protoparmelia badia Protoparmeliopsis muralis, Lecanora muralis Protoparmeliopsis muralis, Lecanora muralis Psilolechia lucida Pycnothelia papillaria Pycnothelia papillaria Pyrenocollema halodytes Pyrenodesmia variabilis, Caloplaca variabilis Pyrenula chlorospila Pyrenula chlorospila Pyrenula dermatodes Pyrenula dermatodes Pyrenula laevigata Pyrenula laevigata Pyrenula macrospora Pyrenula occidentalis Pyrenula occidentalis

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