Irish lichens

Verrucaria dufourii
Order: Verrucariales       Family: Verrucariaceae

Species: Parabagliettoa dufourii (Verrucaria dufourii)

Growth type crustose.
Photos: On limestone rocks. The Burren, W Ireland.
BLS Burren meeting 2009

Immersed pale grey to brownish-grey thallus without a visible prothallus. Black perithecia forming distinct projections, apex flat or concave, ostiole inconspicuous. Shallow pits are left when they decay. Frequent scattered brown pycnidia.

On hard, horizontal natural limestone, also found on limestone tombstones in older churchyards. Chemical reactions negative.

Verrucaria dufourii

Verrucaria dufourii

Verrucaria dufourii. BLS Burren meeting, April 2009

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