Crustose, placodioid and leprose lichens found in Ireland: A-B

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Crustose lichens form thick or thin crusts that are firmly attached and cannot be removed without part of the substratum. Placodioid lichens are crustose but lobed at the margins and leprose lichens have a powdery appearance. Please click on the images to see details and larger photographs. Glossary (opens in new window).

Acarospora fuscata Acarospora impressula Myriospora smaragdula, Acarospora smaragdula Acrocordia conoidea Acrocordia conoidea Acrocordia gemmata Acrocordia salweyi Alyxoria culmigena, Opegrapha herbarum Alyxoria culmigena, Opegrapha herbarum Amandinea punctata Amandinea punctata Anisomeridium biforme Anisomeridium polypori Anisomeridium polypori Synarthonia astroidestera, Arthonia astroidestera Arthonia atra, Opegrapha atra Arthonia atra, Opegrapha atra Arthonia calcarea, Opegrapha calcarea Arthonia calcarea, Opegrapha calcarea Coniocarpon cinnabarinum, Arthonia cinnabarina Arthonia didyma Arthonia didyma Arthonia ilicina Bryostigma lapidicola, Arthonia muscigena Arthonia parietinaria Arthonia radiata Arthonia radiata Arthonia varians Arthonia vinosa Arthopyrenia analepta Arthopyrenia analepta Arthopyrenia cinereopruinosa Naetrocymbe nitescens, Arthopyrenia nitescens Arthopyrenia platypyrenia Naetrocymbe punctiformis, Arthopyrenia punctiformis Arthopyrenia salicis Arthopyrenia salicis Arthrorhaphis citrinella Arthrorhaphis citrinella Arthrorhaphis grisea Arthrorhaphis grisea Aspicilia caesiocinerea Aspicilia caesiocinerea Circinaria calcarea, Aspicilia calcarea Aspicilia cinerea Aspicilia cinerea Circinaria contorta, Aspicilia contorta C contorta ssp hoffmanniana, A contorta ssp hoffmanniana Aspicilia epiglypta Aspicilia epiglypta Athallia cerinella, Caloplaca cerinella Athallia cerinelloides, Caloplaca cerinelloides Athallia holocarpa agg, Caloplaca holocarpa Bacidia arceutina Bacidia arceutina Bacidia biatorina Bacidia laurocerasi Bacidia laurocerasi Bacidia rubella Bacidia rubella Bacidina caligans, Bacidia caligans Bacidina delicata, Bacidia delicata Bacidina inundata, Bacidia inundata Bacidina inundata, Bacidia inundata Bagliettoa baldensis, Verrucaria baldensis Bagliettoa baldensis, Verrucaria baldensis Baeomyces rufus Baeomyces rufus Belonia nidarosiensis Bilimbia sabuletorum Bilimbia sabuletorum Tylophoron hibernicum, Blarneya hibernica Blastenia crenularia, Caloplaca crenularia Blastenia ferruginea, Caloplaca ferruginea Blastenia ferruginea, Caloplaca ferruginea Botryolepraria lesdainii Botryolepraria lesdainii Bryostigma lapidicola, Arthonia muscigena Buellia aethalea Buellia disciformis Buellia disciformis Buellia griseovirens Buellia griseovirens Buellia ocellata Buellia stellulata

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