Irish lichens

Pyrenula dermatodes

Order: Pyrenulales       Family: Pyrenulaceae

Species: Pyrenula dermatodes

Growth type crustose.
Photos: On Holly. Co. Cork and Co. Kerry, SW Ireland.

Thallus yellow-green to rusty-orange, superficial, continuous, finely cracked or areolate. Immersed perithecia form very low projections with only grey ostiole visible from above, sometimes exposed with black disc visible. Pseudocyphellae absent. Spores 3-septate, 14-19 x 6.5-7.5(-8.5) Ám. Curved conidia, c. 15 Ám.
Thallus K+ orange-red (patchy), C-, KC-, P-, UV+ yellow-orange

Usually on smooth-barked trees including Holly, Hazel, Rowan and Beech, rare on shaded siliceous rocks. Can be locally frequent in SW Ireland, range extending up the west coast to Co. Donegal. Also found in N Scotland but not recorded from elsewhere in Europe.

Pyrenula dermatodes

Pyrenula dermatodes

Pyrenula dermatodes
Photo immediately above: Pyrenula dermatodes. November 2009, May 2012

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