Crustose, placodioid and leprose lichens found in Ireland: T-Z

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Crustose lichens form thick or thin crusts that are firmly attached and cannot be removed without part of the substratum. Placodioid lichens are crustose but lobed at the margins and leprose lichens have a powdery appearance. Please click on the images to see details and larger photographs. Glossary (opens in new window).

Tephromela atra Tephromela atra Tephromela atra var torulosa Thalloidima sedifolium, Toninia sedifolia Thalloidima sedifolium, Toninia sedifolia Thelopsis rubella Thelotrema lepadinum Thelotrema lepadinum Toninia plumbina Toniniopsis aromatica, Toninia aromatica Toniniopsis Q, Toninia Q Thalloidima sedifolium, Toninia sedifolia Trapelia coarctata Trapelia coarctata Trapelia corticola Trapelia glebulosa Trapelia placodioides Trapelia placodioides Trapeliopsis flexuosa Trapeliopsis granulosa Trapeliopsis pseudogranulosa Trapeliopsis wallrothii Trapeliopsis wallrothii Tremolecia atrata Tylophoron hibernicum, Blarneya hibernica Tylophoron hibernicum, Blarneya hibernica Vahliella leucophlea Vahliella leucophlea Varicellaria hemisphaerica, Pertusaria hemisphaerica Varicellaria hemisphaerica, Pertusaria hemisphaerica Variospora aurantia, Caloplaca aurantia Variospora flavescens, Caloplaca flavescens Variospora thallincola, Caloplaca thallincola Variospora thallincola, Caloplaca thallincola Bagliettoa baldensis, Verrucaria baldensis Verrucaria caerulea Verrucaria caerulea Parabagliettoa dufourii Placopyrenium fuscellum, Verrucaria fuscella Verrucaria fusconigrescens Verrucaria fusconigrescens Verrucaria halizoa Verrucaria hochstetteri Verrucaria hochstetteri Verrucaria latebrosa, Verrucaria aethiobola Verrucaria latebrosa, Verrucaria aethiobola Verrucaria macrostoma Verrucaria macrostoma Verrucaria macrostoma f furfuracea Verrucaria macrostoma f furfuracea Hydropunctaria maura, Verrucaria maura Wahlenbergiella mucosa, Verrucaria mucosa Verrucaria muralis Verrucaria muralis Verrucaria nigrescens Verrucaria nigrescens Verrucaria pinguicula Verrucaria praetermissa Q Verrucaria praetermissa Q Verrucaria prominula Wahlenbergiella striatula, Verrucaria striatula Verrucaria viridula Verrucaria viridula Verrucaria Q1 Verrucaria Q1 Vouauxiella lichenicola Wahlenbergiella mucosa, Verrucaria mucosa Wahlenbergiella striatula, Verrucaria striatula Xanthocarpia ochracea, Caloplaca ochracea Zwackhia viridis, Opegrapha viridis

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