Irish lichens

Varicellaria hemisphaerica, Pertusaria hemisphaerica

Order: Pertusariales       Family: Pertusariaceae

Species: Varicellaria hemisphaerica (Pertusaria hemisphaerica)

Growth type crustose. Identification confirmed by B. Coppins.
Photos: On Chestnut trunk. Macroom, Co. Cork, SW Ireland.

Thallus whitish or pale bluish-grey, smooth or warted with distinct zoned white prothallus. Conspicuous convex soralia, often becoming confluent. Soredia granular, pale bluish-grey or concolorous with thallus. Apothecia are unknown.

On well-lit or slightly shaded, mature, rough-barked trees, often near base of trunk. Rare on rock.
Soralia K-, C+ carmine-red, KC+ red, P-, UV+/- glaucous

Similar: Loxospora elatina. Damp, acid bark, K+ yellow.
Ochrolechia androgyna. Yellow soredia, C+ red, KC+ orange-red.

Pertusaria hemisphaerica

Pertusaria hemisphaerica

Pertusaria hemisphaerica
Varicellaria hemisphaerica (Pertusaria hemisphaerica) February 2010

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