Irish lichens

Protoblastenia rupestris
Order: Lecanorales       Family: Psoraceae

Species: Protoblastenia rupestris

Growth type crustose.
Photos: On roadside wall. Ballingeary, Cork, SW Ireland.

The scurfy or areolate greenish-brown or orange-grey thallus can be +/- absent. Dull-orange apothecia have a greenish tinge when wet and become convex and distorted. Apothecia not in pits. The asci are 8-spored with ellipsoid spores, 8-17 x 5-8 Ám.

Very common throughout Ireland on mortar, limestone and other calcareous substrata. Apothecia: K+ crimson

Similar: P. calva and P. incrustans. On hard, natural limestone.

Protoblastenia rupestris

Protoblastenia rupestris
Protoblastenia rupestris on wall. January 2009

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