Irish Lichens: Links page

Lichen Ireland (Ulster Museum)
The British Lichen Society
BLS species maps
BLS - chemical tests
BLS Lichen Taxon Dictionary
BLS Lichenicolous Fungi
Revisions of British and Irish Lichens (LGBI 3)
NBN Atlas
Irish Grid Reference Finder

Fungi and Lichens of Great Britain and Ireland
Lichens of Wales
British Lichens
Scottish National Heritage - lichens
Atlantic Hazelwood Lichens
Dorset Lichens

Lichens marins
Lichens of Belgium, Luxembourg and Northern France
Ways of Enlichenment - North America
University of Oslo: Lichen Photo Gallery
Russian electronic Lichen Herbarium
Leif Stridvall: Lichen gallery
Stephen Sharnoff: Lichen photographs
Pictures of Tropical lichens
Checklist of the Lichens of Australia and its Island Territories
Lichens of northern Catalonia
Lichen Photo Gallery (Norwegian)
Nordic Lichen Society

Lichen Identification Keys:
Natural History Museum: A guide to lichens on twigs (useful for beginners)
Natural History Museum: Lichen Key Archive
Archive key to foliicolous species of Arthonia

Lichen Resources
Lichenicolous Fungi - Worldwide Checklist

Fungi and Lichen of Devon and Cornwall
Lichens on the German web
An Introduction to lichens
Flickr Lichen Pool

Northern Ireland Fungus Group
British Mycological Society
British Fungus Conservation Trust
Amanita Photo Gallery: Beginners Guide to Identifying Fungi
CABI Index Fungorum

Conserve Ireland
Sherkin Island Marine Station
Encyclopedia of Marine Life in Britain and Ireland
The Eumycetozoan Project - the true slime moulds
Images of Myxomycetes

Habitas: Plant life, Animal life, Minerals, Rocks and Fossils
Irish Wildflowers
Dragonfly Ireland
Irish Butterflies
Butterfly Ireland
Moths Ireland
UK Moths
Irish Moths
Butterfly Conservation (UK)
Irish Birding
Dorset Nature

The Heritage Council
The National Botanical Gardens of Ireland, Glasnevin, Dublin
Irish Wildlife Trust
National Parks and Wildlife Service
National Biodiversity Data Centre
Paul Green: Flora of County Waterford website
The Flora of Northern Ireland
Donegal Wildlife and donegal-wildlife.blogspot
Irish Seed Savers
CELT Centre for Environmental Living and Training
Lee Valley Walking
The Mountaineering Council of Ireland
Robert Thompson Photography

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