Irish lichens

Acarospora impressula, Cracked lichen
Family: Acarosporaceae

Species: Acarospora impressula

Growth type crustose.
Photos: On granite boulder at Black Head, The Burren, W Ireland.
BLS Burren meeting 2009

Small patches or streaks of red-brown thallus with small, angular areoles less than 2mm wide. Dark-brown to blackish apothecia.
Asci c. 100-spored, spores 3-4 x 2-2.5 Ám.
Chemical reactions negative.

Scarce, mainly coastal on siliceous rocks, especially granite.

Similar: A. fuscata K-, C+ red, KC+ red

Acarospora impressula

Acarospora impressula

Acarospora impressula
Acarospora impressula. BLS Burren meeting April 2009 and immediately above Co.Cork June 2009

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