Irish lichens

Acrocordia conoidea
Family: Monoblastiaceae

Species: Acrocordia conoidea

Growth type crustose.
Photos: On limestone. Black Head and Temple Cronan, the Burren, Ireland. BLS meeting April 2009

Smooth or finely granular, pale grey or brownish-grey thallus, often tinged pink. Many large spherical perithecia, leaving conspicuous pits in thallus. Apices +/- flattened, ostiole projecting. Pycnidia are frequent. Spores 1-septate 12-19 x 6-9 Ám. Chemical reactions negative.

Can be abundant on natural hard limestone and on limestone memorials in old churchyards.

Similar: Acrocordia salweyi

Acrocordia conoidea

Acrocordia conoidea

Acrocordia conoidea
Acrocordia conoidea. The Burren. April 2009

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