Irish lichens

Sticta dufourii, green morph

Order: Peltigerales       Family: Lobariaceae

Species: Sticta dufourii (green morph)

Growth type foliose. Identified by Andy Acton
Photos: On Oak, Glengarriff woods, Co. Cork, SW Ireland.

The green morph is most frequently found as a composite thallus with the blue-green, cyanobacterial morph, Sticta dufourii.

When forming an independent thallus the green morph is known as Sticta canariensis s.str The smooth lobes are greyish-green, brighter green when wet, with a whitish under surface that darkens to brownish-black towards the centre. Isidia are absent, apothecia rare with red-brown discs.
The free-living green morph is only found in a few locations in SW and Western Ireland and in West Scotland.

Sticta dufourii, composite thallus
Immediately above Sticta dufourii, composite thallus with green and blue-green morphs March 2010

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