Irish lichens

Sticta dufourii
Order: Peltigerales       Family: Lobariaceae

Species: Sticta dufourii / S. canariensis dufourii.

Growth type foliose. Identified by Andy Acton
Photos: At base of mature Oak. Glengarrif woods. Cork, SW Ireland

Blue-green cyanobacterial morph.
Overlapping thin, wrinkled lobes to 2cm diameter, pale grey-brown when dry, darker brown when wet, sometimes white-marbled. Lower surface pale brownish-white, finely white-tomentose, +/- ridged, with scattered cyphellae. Margins are irregularly incised with small flattened isidia or lobules. Apothecia are unknown. Both the blue-green and the green morph can occur within the same thallus.

Mainly western Ireland on damp, sheltered mossy trees and rocks. Chemical reactions negative. Thallus smells of fish when wet.

Similar: Can be confused with Sticta sylvatica.
Green morph: Sticta canariensis sens str. Bright green lobes.

Sticta dufourii

Sticta dufourii

Sticta dufourii

Sticta dufourii
Sticta dufourii. March 2010

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