Irish lichens

Pertusaria pertusa
Order: Pertusariales       Family: Pertusariaceae

Species: Pertusaria pertusa

Growth type crustose.
Photos: Gougane Barra, Cork, SW Ireland.

Thick, slightly cracked greenish-grey thallus, often with a conspicuous zoned margin. 3-7 apothecia are produced from each wart-like protuberance. The asci are usually 2-spored, spores (120-)145-230(-330) x 40-90 Ám. Spore wall 7-15 Ám thick. Microscope photographs below.
K+ yellow, C-, KC+ yellow or yellow-orange, P+ deep orange, UV+/- pale orange.

Common on tree bark, occasionally found on rocks.

Similar: Pertusaria hymenea. Discs +/- open. K-, C+ yellow

Microscope photographs

Pertusaria pertusa . August 2009, February 2012

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