Irish lichens

Leptogium pulvinatum

Order: Peltigerales       Family: Collemataceae

Species: Leptogium pulvinatum

Growth type crustose.
Photos: Among moss. Ballingeary and Glengarriff, Cork, SW Ireland. Specimen left confirmed by John Douglass

Previously regarded as a morph of Leptogium gelatinosum.
Dark brown or reddish-brown thallus. Small, much divided lobes with fimbriate margins. The marginal extensions are flattened and never cylindrical. Apothecia red-brown or brown. Isidia are absent.
Ascus clavate, apical dome with darker axial tube. Usually 8-spored. Muriform spores 22-42 x 11-17 Ám. Micro photographs below.

Occurs among moss on basic to calcareous substrata. It is a recently recognised species and distribution is uncertain.
Chemical reactions negative.

Similar: Leptogium lichenoides. Cylindrical marginal isidia.

Leptogium pulvinatum

Leptogium pulvinatum

Leptogium pulvinatum

Microscope photographs
Leptogium pulvinatum, cortical cells

Leptogium pulvinatum, microscope image

Leptogium pulvinatum, ascus and spores
Leptogium pulvinatum. August and November 2009

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