Irish lichens

Ephebe hispidula

Order: Lichinales       Family: Lichinaceae

Species: Ephebe hispidula

Growth type filamentous.
Photos: On acidic upland rocks. Ballingeary, Cork, SW Ireland

Looks like a smaller, bushier version of Ephebe lanata with numerous short, spine-like lateral branchlets. The sub-globose apothecia are infrequent, asci (8-)16 spored, spores 7-10 x 4-5 Ám

Found on damp rocks and in seepage tracks on siliceous rocks and boulders in acidic upland areas. Chemical reactions negative.

Similar: Ephebe lanata has a smoother, flatter thallus

Ephebe hispidula

Ephebe hispidula
Ephebe hispidula. February 2009

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