Irish lichens

Cladonia squamosa ssp subsquamosa

Order: Lecanorales       Family: Cladoniaceae

Species: Cladonia squamosa subsp. subsquamosa

Primary thallus squamulose, secondary thallus fruticose.
Photos: Among moss on wall. Gougane Barra, Cork, SW Ireland.
Identified by John Douglass

Probably just a chemotype of Cladonia squamosa.

Often has thicker podetia and is more uniformly squamulose. Differs chemically in having K+ yellow-orange, P+ orange reaction. (Cladonia squamosa chemical reactions are negative.)

Cladonia squamosa ssp subsquamosa

Cladonia squamosa ssp subsquamosa
Cladonia squamosa subsp. subsquamosa. August 2009

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