Irish lichens

Bacidia inundata
Order: Lecanorales       Family: Ramalinaceae

Species: Bacidina inundata (Bacidia inundata)

Growth type crustose.
Photos: On rocks in shaded streams. Ballingeary, Cork, SW Ireland

Smooth or areolate greenish-grey or green-fawn, granular thallus surrounded by a prominent white prothallus. Small, flat, brown apothecia becoming convex and +/- contorted. Pycnidia are +/- immersed, either white or dark brown. The asci are 8-spored, spores 3-8 septate, 25-45 x 2-3 Ám. Microscope photograph below.
Chemical reactions negative.

Occurs throughout Ireland on shaded acidic rocks in or beside clear, un-polluted streams, rivers and lakes.

Bacidia inundata

Bacidia inundata

Microscope photograph
Bacidia inundata
Bacidia inundata. February 2009 and April 2012

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