Irish lichens

Sphaerophorus globosus
Order: Lecanorales       Family: Sphaerophoraceae

Species: Sphaerophorus globosus

Growth type fruticose.
Photos: Among moss on branch and rock. Co.Cork, SW Ireland.

The green-grey tinged orange-brown thallus is bushy and unevenly branched with many small digitate branchlets. Globose apothecia develop at branch tips and split releasing blue-black spores.

Mainly found in western Ireland on mossy, acidic upland rocks, trees and peaty soils. More frequent than S. fragilis
Medulla: K-, P-, I+ blue (test in slide preparation)

Sphaerophorus globosus

Sphaerophorus globosus

Sphaerophorus globosus
Sphaerophorus globosus. November 2008, August 2009, January 2011

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