Irish lichens

Dermatocarpon leptophyllodes

Order: Verrucariales       Family: Verrucariaceae

Species: Dermatocarpon leptophyllodes

Growth type squamulose to foliose.
Photos: On lakeside rocks. Gougane Barra and Inchigeela, Cork, SW Ireland. Specimen left and immediately below confirmed by John Douglass

Very small and tightly crowded, greyish-brown thallii 2-7mm, each with a central holdfast. The lobes are sometimes pruinose. Immersed perithecia with clearly visible ostioles. Can form large, dense colonies sometimes resembling a cracked areolate crust.

Occurs on flat-topped siliceous rocks in and beside streams, rivers and upland loughs. SW Ireland. Chemical reactions negative.

Similar: Dermatocarpon meiophyllizum

Dermatocarpon leptophyllodes

Dermatocarpon leptophyllodes

Dermatocarpon leptophyllodes
Dermatocarpon leptophyllodes. August 2009

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