Irish Lichens: Links page

The British Lichen Society
Lichen Ireland (Ulster Museum)
Lichens of Ireland
British Lichens
Alan Silverside's Lichen Pages
Biopix: Lichens
Fungi of Britain and Ireland (with microscope images of some species)
Field Studies Council: Lichen Identification courses 2012

Lichens of Wales
Association Française de Lichénologie
Lichens of Belgium, Luxembourg and Northern France
Lichenes maritimi Armoricae
University of Oslo: Lichen Photo Gallery
Icelandic Lichens
Russian electronic Lichen Herbarium
Leif Stridvall: Lichen gallery
Lichens of North America
Stephen Sharnoff: Lichen photographs
Pictures of Tropical lichens
Checklist of the Lichens of Australia and its Island Territories
The Hidden Forest: Lichens
Lichens of the Azores
Lichens of Tibet
Myco-lich: Online Mycology - Lichenology of Iran
Macrolichens of North America
Lichen Resources

Lichenicolous Fungi - Worldwide Checklist
Foliicolous Lichen Homepage

Cladonia in the Netherlands
Czech site: links to Cladonia images
Ulrich Kirschbaum: lichen images
Pictures of Aegean Lichens
Lichens of Almeria
Paul Hofmann: Lichen photographs
Trees for life: Lichens in the pinewoods at Glen Affric,
Coastal Hazelwoods and their Lichens,
The Lichen Ecology of Aspen Woods - A Preliminary Analysis
Lichens of Lough Corrib project
Floral Images: Fungi and Lichens
Lichens: Scottish National Heritage
The Lichenologist
Scottish Lichenology group

Lichen microscopy
Microscopy primer (free download)
Microscopy-UK: microscopes and microscopy on the web

Lichen Identification Keys:
Natural History Museum: A guide to lichens on twigs (useful for beginners)
iSpot Identification Keys (Opal)
NHM Key to Nature: A key to common lichens on trees in England
Key to Nature: Interactive slideshow on British lichens
Natural History Museum: Lichen Key Archive
Harvard University: Identifying North American Lichens, a guide to the literature
Berlin University: Lichen determination keys available on the Internet
Berlin University: Identification key and literature guide to Lichens in the Neotropics
Keys for the identification of the lichens of Italy

Dorset Lichens
Key to Nature
Encyclopedia of Life
ARKive: British and Irish fungi and lichens
BioLib: Biological Library
Toolik-Arctic Geobotanical Atlas: Non-Vascular Plant Species Photos
Carl Farmer: Nature Notes from Argyll
Carl Farmer: Nature Notes from Skye
Treshnish Nature Log
Fungi and Lichen of Devon and Cornwall
Lichens on the German web
An Introduction to lichens
University of Oslo: Lichen Herbarium
Wayne's Word: US Lichen photographs
Flickr Lichen Pool
Lichens (French website)
Field Study Council: Lichen Identification courses 2009
Wild about Denmark: Mosses, Lichens and algae

Northern Ireland Fungus Group
British Mycological Society
Roger Philips: Rogers Mushrooms
Association of British Fungus Groups
Mushroom Expert (N. American)
First Nature: Fungi
Fungi in Ireland
Amanita Photo Gallery: Beginners Guide to Identifying Fungi
Index of Fungi pages or photographs on the Internet
Leif Goodwin Photography and ID guide for fungi in the UK
Checklist of the British and Irish Basidiomycota
CABI Index Fungorum
A Key to the Mycenae of Norway
Mushroom Observer
Quebecois, Canada: Fungi photographs, including microscopy details
Hymenoscyphus spp, including microscopy details

Conservation of Irelands Habitats and Species
Sherkin Island Marine Station
Michael Guiry's Seaweed Site
Irish Seaweed Centre
Encyclopedia of Marine Life in Britain and Ireland
British Seaweed Images
Bugs and weeds: Galls
Discover Life: Slime mould images
The Eumycetozoan Project - the true slime moulds
Images of Myxomycetes

Habitas: Plant life, Animal life, Minerals, Rocks and Fossils
Ferns in Britain and Ireland: Ferns, horsetails, clubmosses and quillworts
The British Bryological Society: A field guide to Mosses and Liverworts
Mosses and Liverworts in Wales
Andrews's Moss Site: A collection of 200+ photographs
Heavy Petal: Moss graffiti

Ireland's Wildlife and natural history
Nature's Web: Free online newsletter for children
Irish Wildflowers
Dragonfly Ireland
Irish Dragonfly News 2009
Irish Butterflies
Butterfly Ireland
Moths Ireland
UK Moths
Donegal Moths
Irish Moths
Suffolk Moth Group: What's flying tonight?
Butterflies and Moths of Northern Ireland
Butterfly Conservation (UK)
Irish Birding
Dorset Nature
NPWS: Native Woodlands
An inventory of ancient and long-established woodland for Northern Ireland
Notice Nature: Ireland's first public awareness campaign on biodiversity

Robert Thompson Photography
Mike Brown: Irish Landscape and Nature Photography
Jim Wilson: Irish Wildlife Film Services
Michael Fatali: Photographing Nature's Light
Juza Nature Photography
Macro Illustrated: Nature's Place

Prehistoric Waterford: Waterford's ancient Megalithic monuments
Martin Mullen photography

Waterford and Cork Botany Group
The Heritage Council
The Botanical Gardens, Glasnevin, Dublin
Irish Wildlife Trust
Irish Peatland Conservation
National Parks and Wildlife Service
National Biodiversity Data Centre
The BSBI Ireland
Irish Grid Reference Calculator
Paul Green: Flora of County Waterford website
The Wildlife of Waterford City and County
The Flora of Northern Ireland
Donegal Wildlife and donegal-wildlife.blogspot
Nature's Calendar and Mapping Ireland's Biodiversity
Biochange: Irish Biodiversity and environmental Change
Growing Wild conservation programme
Plantlife International
NBN Gateway
Invasive species Ireland
Seedling Images

Grow It Yourself Ireland
Irish Seed Savers
The Organic Guide for Ireland
CELT Centre for Environmental Living and Training
The Irish Sea Kayaking Association
Lee Valley Walking
The Mountaineering Council of Ireland
Mountain training courses
Secret Seeds

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