Irish lichens

Dermatocarpon intestiforme
Order: Verrucariales       Family: Verrucariaceae

Genus: Dermatocarpon intestiforme

Growth type foliose. Identification confirmed by Mike Simms (photos)
Photos: On coastal rock. Zetland, Co. Cork, SW Ireland.

Repeatedly lobed, crowded, overlapping thallus with numerous holdfasts. Sheaves of lobes become +/- conical. Upper surface of lobes grey to brown, +/- pruinose, lower surface smooth, light to dark brown.

Found in western Ireland on damp, siliceous, often slightly basic, flushed rocks, lake shores and in the upper part of inundated river zones. Chemical reactions negative.

Similar: Dermatocarpon miniatum

Dermatocarpon intestiforme

Dermatocarpon intestiforme
Dermatocarpon intestiforme on coastal rock, Zetland, Co. Cork. June 2009

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