Irish lichens

Sticta ciliata

Order: Peltigerales       Family: Lobariaceae

Species: Sticta ciliata

Growth type foliose
Photos: BLS meeting 2009. Cathair Chomain, The Burren, Co. Clare

One of four recent splits of Sticta fuliginosa into
Sticta fuliginosa s. str., Sticta atlantica, Sticta ciliata and Sticta fuliginoides.

It is thought that most (or possibly all) fertile specimens of the Sticta fuliginosa aggregate are probably Sticta ciliata

Details and descriptions from Neil Sanderson: Link

Sticta ciliata

Sticta ciliata
Sticta ciliata . Cathair Chomain, The Burren, Co. Clare. BLS meeting April 2009

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