Irish lichens

Belonia nidarosiensis

Order: Gyalectales       Family: Gyalectaceae

Species: Belonia nidarosiensis

Growth type crustose, granular.
Photos: On wall of Inchigeela Protestant church, Cork, SW Ireland

Thin, finely powdery-granular thallus, pinkish-orange or reddish. Usually infertile, when present the scattered apothecia are globose, pale pinkishor orange-red, widely scattered in thalline warts. The spores are muriform and taper to a thin tail. Can be very difficult to separate from free-living Trentepohlia (algae)
Chemical reactions negative.

Occurs on dry, shaded, vertical surfaces sheltered from direct rainfall. Found on north and east church walls, also on mortar and limestone.

Belonia nidarosiensis
Belonia nidarosiensis. On wall of Inchigeela Protestant church. August 2009

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