Irish lichens

Collema tenax var tenax

Order: Peltigerales       Family: Collemataceae

Species: Enchylium tenax var tenax (Collema tenax var. tenax)

Growth type foliose. BLS meeting April 2009
Photos: On church wall. Temple Cronan, the Burren, Ireland.

Thallus in small rosettes or irregular, the lobes +/- attached, dark olive-green to brown-black, very swollen when moist. If present isidia are large and globose. Apothecia frequent, becoming convex.

Common on mortar in walls and on basic soils, sand and clay. Chemical reactions negative.

Other morphs of Collema tenax sens. lat include:
C. tenax var. ceranoides, rarely fertile, narrow ascending lobes and C. tenax var. vulgare usually very fertile with plumper lobes.

Collema tenax var tenax

Collema tenax var tenax

Collema tenax var tenax
Collema tenax var tenax. Temple Cronan, the Burren. April 2009

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