Irish lichens

Collema flaccidum

Order: Peltigerales       Family: Collemataceae

Species: Collema flaccidum

Growth type foliose.
Photos: On rock in upland stream. Ballingeary, Cork, SW Ireland.

Thin dark olive-green to black lobes, smooth, wavy, +/- rounded, margins usually entire. Centre and margins with numerous isidia, globose becoming flattened. Apothecia are very rare.

Occurs mainly in N and W Ireland on acidic rocks by streams, waterfalls and lough edges, also on damp, mossy woodland rocks. Chemical reactions negative.

Similar: Collema glebulentum and Collema subflaccidum

Collema flaccidum

Collema flaccidum

Collema flaccidum
Collema flaccidum. Ballingeary area, Co.Cork. June 2009

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