Irish lichens

Scytinium fragile, Collema fragile
Order: Peltigerales       Family: Collemataceae

Species: Scytinium fragile (Collema fragile)

Growth type foliose.
Photos: Immediately below on limestone, Black Head, the Burren.
Other photographs: Muckross Abbey, Co. Kerry, Ireland

Forms small, closely attached rosettes (to 2cm) with short, +/- radiating, olive-black lobes. Thallus often partly fragmentary. Lobe ends splayed, tips of young lobes finely pubescent. Few or numerous globose isidia, apothecia very rare.

On lightly shaded, often vertical, hard calcareous rocks. Can be locally abundant in parts of the Burren, Co. Clare, rare elsewhere in Ireland. Chemical reactions negative.

Collema fragile

Collema fragile

Collema fragile

Collema fragile
Scytinium fragile (Collema fragile). April 2009 and January 2010

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