Irish lichens

Cladonia rangiformis
Order: Lecanorales       Family: Cladoniaceae

Species: Cladonia rangiformis

Primary thallus squamulose, secondary thallus fruticose.
Photos: Among moss on calcareous grassland, the Burren, Ireland
BLS Burren meeting 2009

Small or absent basal squamules. Much-branched podetia with pointed tips, axils usually closed. Branching at a wide angle. White surface of the pdetia is covered with green islets of algae. Brown apothecia are rare, frequent pycnidia.

Found on short calcareous grassland on cliff tops and dunes. Irish distribution is frequently coastal. K+ yellow, usually P+ red

Cladonia rangiformis

Cladonia rangiformis
Cladonia rangiformis. BLS Burren meeting, April 2009

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