Irish lichens

Solenopsora vulturiensis
Order: Lecanorales       Family: Ramalinaceae

Species: Solenopsora vulturiensis

Growth type squamulose.
Photos: On estuary wall above HWM. Creagh, Cork, SW Ireland.
Confirmed by Alan Silverside (photos)

Thallus of small scattered or overlapping, pale bluish-grey squamules that can be granular, pruinose and are usually sorediate at tips. The globose apothecia are infrequent, pale pinkish-brown.

Coastal. Occurs above HWM on shaded rocks, nutrient-rich soil pockets and in seepage tracks.
KC+ pale yellow, P+ pale orange

Solenopsora vulturiensis

Solenopsora vulturiensis
Solenopsora vulturiensis. February 2009

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