Irish lichens

Caloplaca flavescens
Order: Teloschistales       Family: Teloschistaceae

Species: Variospora flavescens (Caloplaca flavescens)

Growth type placodioid (crustose with lobed margins)
Photos: On church wall. Macroom, Cork, SW Ireland.

Rosettes of long narrow yellow-orange lobes, whitish at the centre which often disintegrates and falls out with age. Numerous orange apothecia with paler margins. Soredia and isidia are absent.
K+ crimson / purple.

Very common throughout Ireland on walls, church memorials and headstones and also on hard calcareous rocks.

Similar: Caloplaca aurantia

Caloplaca flavescens

Caloplaca flavescens
Caloplaca flavescens. Macroom, County Cork.

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