Irish lichens

Ochrolechia parella
Order: Pertusariales       Family: Pertusariaceae

Species: Ochrolechia parella

Growth type crustose.
Photos: On coastal rocks, Toormore area, Cork, SW Ireland.

Thick, warted, creamy-white or greyish thallus. White prothallus with zoned 'growth-rings' near thickened margins. Very fertile, numerous pinkish apothecia usually with cracked white pruina. The asci are 2-8 spored, spores simple, 45-75 x 25-45 Ám.

Common both coastal and inland on hard, siliceous rocks and also occasionally found on trees and weathered wood.
Can be variable. Cortex K-, C- (or C+ yellow), UV-.
Apothecia C+ red, KC+ red, UV+ white


Ochrolechia parella. Toormore, Co.Cork. January 2009

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