Irish lichens

Ramalina fastigiata
Order: Lecanorales       Family: Ramalinaceae

Species: Ramalina fastigiata

Growth type fruticose.
Photos: On trunk and branches of deciduous trees. Cork, Ireland

Tufted, erect, grey-green thallus with many wrinkled, often +/- swollen lobes. Very fertile with creamy-white apical apothecia. Asci are 8-spored, the spores 1-septate, colourless, 12-15 x 5-7 Ám and kidney-shaped.

Common throughout Ireland on well-lit, nutrient-rich bark.
Chemical reactions negative.

Ramalina fastigiata

Ramalina fastigiata

Ramalina fastigiata
Above Ramalina fastigiata. December 2008 and 2010

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