Irish lichens

Cladonia pocillum
Order: Lecanorales       Family: Cladoniaceae

Species: Cladonia pocillum

Primary thallus squamulose, secondary thallus fruticose.
Photos: Ardnagashel, Co.Cork, SW Ireland.
Identified (from photograph) by Alan Silverside

Erect or +/- flat squamules with abraded margins, often forming rosettes. Podetia funnel-shaped, tapering, Exterior with coarse granules and occasionally squamules, interior granular, soredia absent. Brown apothecia. Often mis-identified as C. pyxidata.

Calcareous or moderately base-rich mossy rocks, soil and mortar.
P+ red, UV-

Cladonia pocillum

Cladonia pocillum
Cladonia pocillum

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