Irish lichens

Verrucaria pinguicula

Order: Verrucariales       Family: Verrucariaceae

Species: Verrucaria pinguicula

Growth type crustose.
Photos: On tombstone. Inishannon, Cork, SW Ireland.
Identification uncertain, photo's probably of V. viridula

Whitish to pale brown continuous or cracked thallus, often raised above surrounding rock and surrounded by dark line. Prominent black perithecia, apex usually flattened, ostiole inconspicuous. Shallow pits sometimes left in rock when perithecia decays.

Occurs on hard limestone. Chemical reactions negative.

Similar: Verrucaria dufourii

Verrucaria pinguicula

Verrucaria pinguicula
Verrucaria pinguicula. July 2009

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